A How To Guide: Home For Sale By Owner

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A How To Guide: Home For Sale By Owner

Are you looking to sell your home in Phoenix, AZ without the need to hire a broker or realtor? New to the “For Sale By Owner” thing? Given the amount of technology available, coupled with the correct methods to promote your home, you can be on your way to selling your home and all by yourself!

Home Pricing

The first step before listing your home is determining its market value. This can be done a few different ways.  You can receive a professional appraisal from a licensed agent. This will give you the best idea of the value of your home. If you prefer not to hire a professional, you can take the average of similar homes in the area (square footage, lot size, age, amenities, etc) and use that as a guide to determine list prices.

Listing the Home

The first option is MLS. MLS, or multiple listing service, is a suite of services that brokers use in real estate transactions. You can also list your home on sites like Craigslist, your local newspaper, or any other ad listing agency. There are some sites which offer to sell your home for you, but they do take a percentage of the sale, so they are a less viable option.

Having an Open House

After you have listed your home on several sites and have advertised its sale, holding a public open house on the property gives you an opportunity to showcase the listing and build value in the home to the buyer. Building value during the display by highlighting key features that make the house unique or a good fit for the potential buyer is a great way to get the best offer.

Negotiate the Price

In terms of cash offers on your home, consider your options before you accept them. The best way to handle these is to negotiate and move things to swing in your favor. It is not easy to negotiate, especially if you have a price set in mind and are unwilling to move from that point, but being realistic can play to your favor if the person you are speaking with is able to provide adequate reasoning behind their offer.

Selling your home requires a lot of hard work and a lot of commitment. It takes time to respond to questions, review offers, negotiate, and show the home to potential buyers, but the benefits can be huge. Selling your Phoenix, Arizona home can be a breeze!


The process of selling your home by yourself got you down? Consider selling your home for an all-cash offer and contact us today!

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